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Today, our city faces a crisis like none before. Now more than ever Medford needs its regional medical facilities. A big shout out to our highly trained doctors and nurses, who like cops walking a viral beat, have put their lives between us and harm’s way. Let us all honor their inspiring commitment. Please get & wear a mask! Sign up HERE to stay in the loop! Chip in HERE.


I helped pass the Oregon Health Plan and Affordable Care Act, which now provide 95 percent of Oregonians – and 98 percent of children – with health coverage. In Salem, I will fight to defend and extend healthcare to all because healthcare is essential for our wellbeing and it’s one of the biggest employers in Medford. In 2020, we will take our fight to defend and extend health care for ALL to Salem. We won tonight and we’re going to win in the fall too. Join us!

Health care is a human right. That’s more obvious every day. Our nation has lost nearly 90,000 lives to COVID-19. Everyone’s health involves our own. No one is an island.

But there’s a light in this storm! 30 percent of previously uninsured Medford residents have health insurance because of the Oregon Health Plan. 30 percent! One cannot begin to imagine how much chronic suffering that has been relieved in our town, how many debilitating diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes have been screened, treated and prevented. As one local clinic worker told me with pride, “We’ve cleaned up a LOT of messes.”

She’s right to be proud. Medford is the stronger for it! Better prepared to fight the pandemic.

And to those who still say healthcare should be hoarded for those who can afford it? We say, how many of those previously uninsured do we now recognize as the most essential of workers? Why would it ever make sense to let someone’s health decline to death’s door before we treat them in the ER and ICU––when it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more than prevention? The experience of every other developed nation is that health care for all slashes costs!

But for Medford, a regional medical center, health care means so much more than good health.

Look around you! Do the drive-by audit! Look at our flourishing medical centers and clinics expanding and remodeling. My opponent has complained about the cost of the ACA to Oregon. Really? For every dollar we put into it, the Federal government sends us $9! Who wouldn’t trade dimes for dollars? You’d be crazy not to! And that’s meant jobs for Medford. Not minimum wage jobs. The kind of $30 to $40 an hour jobs that Medford so desperately needs.

Did you know? For every highly trained professional journal we bring to town, three or more other jobs are created in our community. Economists call it the “multiplier effect.” And creating more jobs works for Medford. We need those jobs.

When my opponent whined about the ACA, she lost all claim to being a “party of business,” or representing ALL of Medford. She is the voice of a do-nothing, out-of-state extremism that hurts Medford and its people. She voted against a tobacco tax and took thousands of dollars from Altria, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, an industry that hooked our youngsters on vaping. She takes still more money from Big Pharm and Johnson & Johnson, which knowingly profited from the ongoing opiate crisis. Not in Medford’s best interests.

She fled the state capital to kill action on climate change––and has been rewarded with thousands of dollars from Koch Industries, Chevron, and the Company financing the Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline. Not in Medford’s best interests.

She talks about logging as the solution to forest fires and climate change, but ignores how the fire season is now 105 days longer, and how if current temperature rises are left unchecked, by the end of the century, precious little Doug Fir and Ponderosa will be left in Southern Oregon.

Climate change is real. Creeks and wells all over Oregon are drying up. The ocean is becoming too acidic for our shellfish, salmon, and steelhead. Smoke from ever-more intense wildfires severely damages our local entertainment and tourism industries and harms our agricultural workforce. As your representative, I will champion solutions in our backyard, like solar and bio char, and lead with the spirit of Oregon’s 1971 Bottle Bill by making sure our state sets a positive example for the rest of the country by reducing our emissions.

In running away, my opponent left funding for two shovel-ready construction projects that could have provided urgently needed services for Medford’s neediest children and to address homelessness. Not in Medford’s best interests.

We say healthcare will be the Big Engine that can. It’s not only pulling COVID-19 patients to recovery, it will help pull Medford to economic recovery. In fact, it already did, in 2010.

We’ll be fighting for healthcare, fighting for children’s needs, fighting for affordable housing and living wage jobs, and fighting for climate action NOW. In short, we’re fighting for Medford’s life!


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