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This year I’ll be casting my ballot for Alberto Enriquez for Medford’s State Representative. Alberto shares my belief that … (19 words) 


<Choose one, or two, or write your own! Read about all of the issues on his website: https://www.alberto4medford.com . > 


  • Healthcare is a human right! Alberto has been a healthcare advocate and fought to expand the ACA. No one should be forced to choose between medical bills and their food, shelter, or education. (33 words)

  • Climate change is real - and we can do something to stop it. The devastating fires that destroyed more than 2,300 residences in our beautiful valley is a warning of the increasingly hot, dry summers to come if we do not do our part to combat climate change. As our representative Alberto will enact progressive climate change legislation to protect our natural resources from Big Oil, prevent future forest fires, and drive economic growth in green industries.  (77 Words)

  • Children and teenagers are our nation’s greatest resource. All children, regardless of income, race, nationality, or immigration status, deserve to grow up in supportive communities with high quality public educational opportunities. As our representative he will always fight for policies that allow children to thrive. (45 Words)

  • Southern Oregon needs more affordable housing and pathways to homeownership for families and individuals at every income level. This issue has taken on new urgency with the displacement of more than 2,300 families due to the Almeda fire. Medford needs a representative who will fight to bring housing to the Valley, and not just for the wealthy. (58 words)


Kim Wallan has walked out on her job five times last year. Her campaign has received donations from Altria, the company behind Phillip Morris tobacco and Chevron, because they know she works for them, not us. We need true leadership in Salem. Vote for Alberto.  (45 Words)

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