Affordable Housing


I’m willing to look at everything and anything that the Legislature can do that gets and keeps people housed affordably.

Right now, far too many of our hard-working Medford residents are experiencing insecurity about the basics: food, shelter and income. Bold action is needed on all fronts to protect them.


  • I wholeheartedly back the Governor’s orders blocking evictions and foreclosures because of the COVID-19 Crisis.

  • Oregonians must receive the food, housing and direct cash aid to be kept whole.


  • I likewise strongly support what the Medford City Council already has done to prevent banks from turning Medford into a ghost town of derelict houses as happened after the 2008 bank bailout.


In the best of times, Medford has a history of structural homelessness. 8.6 percent of Medford’s school children are homeless––that’s unacceptable. We must continue support for “upstream” projects that work to keep families intact, and to shelter and support youth when that’s not possible. There is also a high rate of adult homelessness, which is far better addressed with mental health care, drug and alcohol treatment, half-way houses, and other supports––than by sleeping rough or rotating through our criminal justice system.


I am absolutely NOT going to stand for anything that puts people out of their homes because of the COVID-19 Crisis.

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